“Marrakech Security Forum 2018”

By   /  10 February 2018   

RSC Senior Advisors, Amb. Mohamed El Nokaly and Ms. Siham Al Jiboury addressed the ninth edition of the Marrakech Security Forum 2018 – Africa SEC, organized by CMES Centre Marocain pour les Études Stratégiques, on February 9-10, 2018. Amb. El Nokaly intervened in the session “ISIS: from Territorialization to Fragmentation and Proliferation of Terrorist Groups and Fighters”, while Ms. Siham Al Jiboury in the session “The Gender Approach in the Fight against Radicalization and Terrorism”. Along with her co-panelists, Ms. Al Jibboury joined the board of a newly founded international network for the fight against women radicalization promoted by CMES.













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