The Lebanese Outlook on Middle East Affairs

By   /  19 April 2018   

RSC features “Masdar Diplomacy”, the news portal on Middle East affairs edited by the Lebanese journalist and media specialist Marlene Khalife. News, reports, and interviews with Lebanese and Arab personalities, officials, and experts: “Masdar Diplomacy” provides daily insights and information on the major issues concerning Lebanon and the broader region, with a particular attention to the political and diplomatic world.

During her twenty years of experience in the journalistic field, Ms. Khalife collaborated with leading newspapers and magazines such as An-Nahar, As-Safir, Al Hayat, Al Riyad, Al Wassat, and Newsweek Middle East. She took part as instructor in many training programs for journalists held in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries, and received twice “The Inquirer Award” for the best investigative report written in Arabic.

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